The Glow Up Gua Sha

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Get ready to glow with the Reiyn Beauty Glow Up Gua Sha!
Custom designed by Reiyn Beauty, the unique shape of our Glow Up gua sha was developed to fit the different angles of your face making it the perfect addition to your daily self care routine.  Whether you barely have five minutes to spare or a tried and tested seven step routine, Reiyn Beauty's Glow Up Gua Sha will help to you to relieve facial tension and blockages, stimulate and lift your facial muscles, help to detoxify the skin and depuff your face.
Made of natural aventurine quartz, Reiyn Beauty's Glow Up Gua Sha is thicker than most gua sha's on the market today enhancing your luxury gua sha experience. Just like you, each Reiyn Beauty Glow Up Gua Sha is unique.  Every Glow Up Gua Sha  is hand carved so no two are completely alike and may have small imperfections that add to its natural beauty.  
Each Reiyn Beauty Glow Up Gua Sha comes with a custom Reiyn Beauty pouch with a magnetic closure to keep your Gua Sha safe and protected when not in use.
Please note that it is important to handle your Glow Up Gua Sha with care as it is made with natural stone that can easily chip or shatter if dropped or mishandled.  
We at Reiyn Beauty are incredibly proud of the Glow Up Gua Sha as it was designed and created with care by us for you.  We can't wait for you to try it!  Are you ready to glow?