Why Aventurine?

Gua shas come in many shapes, sizes and stones.  While designing and developing the Glow Up gua sha we considered many different materials to make our gua sha in.  We finally found the perfect match with Aventurine which was fitting given Aventurine's history.  Named after the Italian word  A Ventura which means "by chance", aventurine is well known as a stone for optimism and relaxation.  It is believed to be a positive stone for diffusing negative emotions, promoting compassion in oneself and for others and encouraging perseverance.  Aventurine is considered helpful in breaking unhealthy habits and patterns and encouraging growth and change.  It helps to bring about feelings of optimism, motivation, creativity and confidence.  

Linked with the heart chakra, aventurine is often used to help calm negative emotions that are often stuck in the heart centre.  Working with aventurine is believed to help to promote harmony and balance.  

Using an aventurine gua sha helps to move stagnant energy and promotes positivity and wellbeing while boosting your self care routine.  What better way to get your glow on?