Gua Sha 101

Gua Sha is an ancient wellness technique that involves scrapping a tool along the skin to help move lymph throughout your body.  Your lymphatic system cannot do the job by itself and requires help to stimulate and circulate lymph fluid.  This can be done by exercising, dry brushing, diphragmatic breathing and gua sha.  

Facial gua sha has been shown to actively move stagnant lymph from the face, helping to remove blockages that can cause puffiness.  Using a gua sha on the face helps to relieve facia tension especially in certain areas such as the jaw. Facial gua sha is also considered effective in stimulating the muscles in the face helping to achieve a more lifted and sculpted appearance.  

To reap the maximum benefits of gua sha, it is important to be consistent in your practice and is a great addition to your daily self care routine.